our goal is simple:
making meeting easier

At imabouts, we are focussed on making it easier to get together with the people you want to meet.

We let you know whenever your current or future plans overlap with those of your chosen contacts, and give you the option to get in touch... meaning that you never need to miss another opportunity to get together.

Add your plans, select your chosen contacts, and we'll let you know who is about - simple as that! 

Features Overview

Unique Overlap technology - lets you know instantly if your plans overlap with the people YOU want to meet

Completely private and discrete - no calendar sharing and no broadcasting of your plans

User friendly interface - log your events within seconds

Invite contacts to your logged events and communicate through the in-app message service

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download the app

Download imabouts and create your profile
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Log your events

Log your current whereabouts or any upcoming trips, holidays, business conferences - even a night out or going to the gym - basically any event where you would like to meet with your chosen contacts.


Find and invite contacts

Create your round-abouts network and set a relationship status for each of your contacts. Invite from your phone or see if any or search in "my network"


We will do the rest

If any relevant contacts are going to be in the same place at the same time - we'll let you know!


INSTABOUTS vs roundabouts?

instabouts - your instant location - logged within seconds with immediate notifications if any chosen contacts are nearby - takes the chance out of potential chance meetings!

roundabouts - your future plans and events - advanced notifications if anyone from your chosen contact groups are also going to be around the same place at the same time - letting you make arrangements to meet ahead of time!